I find it interesting how Dr. Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki as Natural Healing) used the phrase ‘Just For Today’ at the beginning of each Principle when forming the five Reiki Principles. His insight to long-term human commitment seems, to me, spot on! When we make a New Year Resolution, for example, how many of us give up on it after a few weeks, even days in some cases. ‘Just For Today’ is do-able. Whatever it is that we are thinking of taking on, baby steps are less daunting than a long haul. We can be put off from the get-go if the thing seems never-ending, or monumental. Yet it is amazing how ‘Just For Today’ becomes everyday quite easily.

Take the third Reiki Principle for instance:-

‘Just For Today I will Not Anger’

I find it hard to believe that none of us feel anger at some point in a day, whether by small instances, or bigger issues. I know that at some point in the past, some-one, or something would rub me up the wrong way and cause a flare! Since living by the five Reiki Principles as much as I can I have found that this happens less and less. BUT, I am only human so I can’t say it now never does, I can say it happens considerably less often now.

Living by Principles (I am reluctant to say ‘rules’ as it sounds too regimental and off-putting to me) is a good habit to adopt. It forms a guideline on which to base our lives, a routine (if you like) to follow and a good basis for our interaction with, and consideration to, others.

A principle is a fundamental truth that serves as a foundation. What better way to live our lives than in truth – on whatever level, or every level? ‘Just For Today’ give it a go – you may find it opens up an easier and happier way to live your life and co-exist with others.


This is something we would all benefit from doing, but how many of us actually do it? I’m not talking about stopping whatever it is we are doing at a certain moment and doing something-else or ‘vegging out’, I mean stopping and actually taking a moment. Now before you say you never have the time, I mean a moment, just that and we can all do that no matter how busy we are. Look at your surroundings at that time and think of nothing-else but what you see, hear, smell and feel at that moment. Sound a bit ‘whoo-whoo’? It’s not, it’s letting our mind and body breathe for a while, resting and just being, without having to concentrate or stress about anything at all.

You may not find this easy to do at first but persevere, you will find it easier to do in time and you will even look forward to taking that moment. You will start to see and feel the benefits after a while, for your body, your mind and your attitude to things you are thinking and doing. It really is like a breath of fresh air and will rejuvenate and reinvigorate you. This is where Reiki comes into its own. It enables us to experience ‘that moment’ and lets our minds and bodies take that all important breath, passing it on to others too. Dr. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki as Natural Healing) taught the importance of the healthy balance of the mind and body, resulting in a healthy spirit.

Taking a moment just to be you, as you are, is important to your health and well-being. It feeds the body and the soul and will result in a happier, calmer you. Try it, you’ll soon find yourself effortlessly slipping into that moment daily and you know what, you’re worth it – enjoy!


There are so many things to love about Autumn. The colours (obviously), the smell of wood-smoke, the anticipation of Harvest and other festivals held around this time of year. I love to watch the business of nature in this season, all the wildlife preparing for winter. Squirrels in particular always make me smile – rushing around gathering and storing. Occasionally they pause and look as though they are wondering where they put their hoard, then scurry off as though they had just remembered!

Every year I think I’ll be more ‘squirrel-ish’ and start preparations for Winter. Then, just like them, I pause – unlike them I pause for a longer time and all the good intentions of being prepared way before Christmas goes out of the window. This year will be different, I’ve promised myself!

Autumn carries that special responsibility of adjustment from the light, warmth, easiness of Summer and sunshine, to the colder, darker yet cosiness of Winter. She gives us the heads-up of what is to come, easing us into it with gifts of beautiful colours and a freshness that only Autumn brings – aids to enable us to face the on-coming transition with ease and the anticipation of Winter.

As Autumn arrives, so does the abundance of goodies to store for the next season. Apples, nuts and many other things to put by for Winter, whether freezing them, pickling them, bottling them, or whatever – wildlife aren’t the only ones to get busy this time of year. The excitement and satisfaction of doing all this and tucking into your own jams, pickles, bottled fruits and pies and tarts and other goodies is its own reward!

The first Reiki Principle – ‘Just For Today I Will Live the Attitude of Gratitude’ is certainly fitting in this wonderful season of Autumn. Gratitude for the beauty and abundance given at this time of year. The fourth Reiki Principle – ‘Just For Today I Will Do My Work Honestly’ also applies here. If we put in the work of gathering and preparation now, we will reap the benefits later in the year.

You do not have to live in the countryside or have your own garden for this to apply – foraging is quite the thing now and more and more people leave boxes of apples and other fruit and vegetables they have a glut of outside their gates with notices to ‘Help Yourself’. This brings to mind the fifth Reiki Principle – ‘Just For Today I will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing’. By leaving these boxes with the request to ‘Help Yourself’, people are extending love, respect and kindness to others and avoiding unnecessary waste.


We are defined by many things. Our looks, our attitudes, our appearances, our life-styles, our education, our views, it goes on! I believe we can choose from the things that define us to portray the best definition of ourselves. We all have ‘good points’ and emphasizing these will form what we think to be the best definition of who we are and this we can present to the world!

In looking into ourselves this way, we may discover things about ourselves that had never occurred to us before. We can really get to know ourselves, we may not like all that we discover, but that’s no bad thing – we can work on those points and improve. It can be a form of healing in some respects. As Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki as natural healing emphasized, you need to treat the whole – mind, body and spirit, to heal. In looking into ourselves, really getting to know ourselves, we can do just that. It may also bring about advancement. It can boost our confidence and we may even realise that we have abilities we didn’t know we had.

We cannot really define anyone until we get to know them. We make assumptions of the sort of people we think they are when we meet them, but to define anyone, or anything, really requires knowledge – otherwise it remains merely assumption.

Remember, we are who we are, not what defines us.


I believe this to be true. I believe we are all here for a reason, each of us have a part to play. Maybe to shine and achieve as individuals, or by making up a whole. Everyone of us can make a difference in our own way. Hard to believe I know, but believing that each of us is a part of the natural scheme of things brings hope. And where there’s hope there’s life. And where there’s life there is caring, love and passion for life and all living things.

Our world, our lives, are constantly changing and change is important for continuance. Adjusting to change can bring knowledge and this will shape our future. We may not see or feel the significance of this to ourselves, but accepting this and seeing what we can do – even in a very small way – will give us purpose, a reason to get up each morning, even excitement in wondering what we can do today to make a difference.

For some in business and other ‘high flyers’ it can make a big difference to many, but others can also make an enormous difference with just a smile or ‘hello’ (even both!) to many and brighten what may have started as an empty, lonely day. This in turn can, hopefully, encourage them to pass it on to others – and so it grows!

Let’s never forget that we ARE part of the natural scheme of things and remind others.

As Reiki Practitioners we heal and spread love and light to others. As Reiki Masters we teach others how to do this in the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui’s teachings, thereby passing it on as part of the natural scheme of things.

Each of us are important, we have survived for a reason, some of us through more hardships than others, so let’s not waste it. Make a difference in anyway you can, as only you can, and await the ripple effect, knowing YOU did that!


It is said that history repeats itself. Perhaps it does, but I believe that with each repetition comes a choice. As we recognise whatever is being repeated, maybe we should think about the outcome of that event. This is where ‘choice’ comes into play. If the outcome was beneficial, then let us repeat the response given at the time. If the outcome was unfavourable, then that would be the time to consider choices to turn them around.

Look back at disasters of the past and think of how to deal with them if they show signs of repeating themselves, be it floods, earthquakes, famine, drought, war – whatever – we have choices that can avoid them. This invariably means working together, more importantly, a desire to work together, to accomplish this. There are enough people on our amazing planet who care enough about it and others to instigate this.

Sadly, there are always those who, through greed and self-seeking, benefit from disasters but, happily, there are so many more who care enough about our planet and all that is on it to help avoid them.

Love is the key – repetition, choices, foresight and determination is the way – and togetherness is the answer!

‘Just for Today I will show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing.’

(Reiki Principle No:5)


Just for Today I Will Live The Attitude of Gratitude

Just for Today I Will Not Worry

Just for Today I Will Not Anger

Just for Today I Will Do My Work Honestly

Just for Today I Will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing.


Shinrin-Yoku is the Japanese art of forest bathing. It originated in Japan in the 1980’s, but has its roots in ancient times.

Forest bathing is not swimming in pools or waterfalls in the forest (although this can be part of the experience I suppose), but means immersing yourself and all your senses in the forest or woods. Taking in all the smells, touching leaves, trees, plants, etc

We have known for centuries that getting out into nature has both physical and mental health benefits, but studies into the benefits of Shinrin-Yuko have proven that indulging in this regularly reduces stress hormone production, improves feelings of happiness and creativity as well as lowering heart rate and blood pressure. It boosts the immune system and accelerates recovery from illness. Regular forest bathing may keep illness away in the first place!

We are part of nature, but have lost the art of being in nature. Caught up in modern life and technology, we need to get away from our machines every so often and get back to where we come from. Smelling flowers, listening to nature and touching trees, leaves and plants has such an amazing effect on our minds and bodies, even though we may not be aware of it.

It’s rather sad that, knowing all the benefits we get from trees, our weather, reducing flood levels, helping our world breathe, etc., that so many are cut down and destroyed without a second thought. Let’s change that – enjoy the benefits and spread the word!


As we gradually emerge from lock-down and are able to get together again, I am sure that one of the most enjoyable things will be that we are able to touch one another again. We can hug, hold, just physically connect after so very long.

As a Reiki practitioner I feel, and have been told by many receiving Reiki treatments, just how re-assuring and comforting the feeling of hands are when you really need that contact from someone, confirming that it’s o.k. – you’re not alone. Whether you feel out of sorts physically, or mentally drained, just relaxing into a Reiki treatment and feeling the warmth from the practitioner’s hands can instantly have a positive effect. Even when I move from one part of the body to another, they have often said afterwards ‘I know you moved to my legs, but I could still feel your hands on my stomach. The effect of touch where and when we need it can leave a lasting impact.

I have mentioned in previous blogs that I also treat above the body for those not comfortable with physical contact. This in no way diminishes the effect of the Reiki treatment and one or two recipients have later asked me if I had put my hands on them, as they were sure they could feel them. This is the power of healing hands and the power of Reiki going where it is needed. The love and heat that flows from them has such a wonderful, even powerful, effect on those receiving the treatment. It is not invasive, but comforting and re-assuring those receiving the treatment that someone cares enough to want to help. Much the same as when we pat a baby’s back when we hold it – a sort of ‘It’s o.k. I’m here.’ sort of thing.

When we have a pain anywhere, we instinctively put our hands over the area. We all have the power to heal, it’s just a case of discovering how to harness it that is needed. What better way than the Reiki way?!

Be Self-ish

Not to be confused with selfish, being ‘self-ish’, means being aware of your self and your needs, and keeping balance between healthy body and mind, in order to be of use to others.

We must make time not only to treat ourselves, but allow time just to be ourselves, to re-energise and contemplate on the Reiki way of life. In my mind, the purpose of Reiki is to help others on all levels and to spread love and light wherever we can.

Relax into Reiki and let yourself enjoy being self-ish – you’ll be amazed at the results.