What a season! Thinking of all we have to look forward to (even if it is only on the T.V.) is exciting. Something for everyone, as they say. Festivals, country shows, football, cricket, tennis and more. All competing against each other, yet coming together to provide not just entertainment but enthusiasm and happiness to others. Granted, this year will be a little different, but those events able to go ahead will do so with all safety precautions at the fore.

I love so much about Summer – the smell of mown grass (evoking childhood memories, so precious), hearing children having fun, strawberries and cream! It’s not just flowers and shrubs that bloom into colour in Summer, people do too. It appears to draw out a certain vibrant energy in us that blooms in our faces. After a ‘sleepy’ Winter and a turbulent Spring, Summer is here to revive us and we can let loose and have fun.

Wandering around country shows in the past, I have found new interests, particularly in ancient crafts and those in turn have led me to other interesting things. Learning new skills keeps the old grey matter active, which is important to our health in general. Happy mind, happy body. Dr. Mikao Usui learnt on his quest for healing that healing just the body, although obviously essential, is not enough. We need to heal the mind and the spirit too. Healing the mind lifts the spirit and that in itself is healing. All three work together to achieve a happy balance. This is where Reiki is so beneficial. Reiki will go where it is needed, whether it is the mind that needs healing, the spirit or the body. The Reiki Energy will flow, uniting all three and resulting in a much happier, energised you! Try it.

Enjoy your Summer doing whatever brings you happiness. If you can’t attend venues, watch them on T.V. I will be, and getting just as excited about it all!


How lovely the last couple of days have been after such a mardy May. The 1st June (by the way, lucky month to you all) holds much promise judging by what I woke up to this morning. Flowers and shrubs seemed to have bloomed, popping in full colour, over night. Summer is on its way!

But, in true Reiki fashion, I am showing ‘The Attitude of Gratitude’ for the weather May brought us. Irritating though it may have been to us, the strong winds spread seeds far and wide to lend a hand to the rest of nature. The downpours fed the earth and sharpened the colours and smells of nature – I love the smell of the outside after rain. I like to think that this points to a lovely Summer and that all the rain was in preparation – preparing the plants, trees and grasses and filling ponds, streams and our reservoirs to keep us going through a glorious Summer. Fingers crossed I’m right!

As we venture forth, little by little, this will definitely be a Summer to remember, doing things we haven’t been able to do for quite a while in (hopefully) glorious sunshine. As though someone out there has shone a spotlight on us illuminating the joy and relief at getting back to our own forms of normal life.

This is a crucial time to remember the Fifth Reiki Principle – ‘Just for Today I will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing’ and still remember to keep a social distance and donning masks where needed. After all, not everyone has been fully vaccinated and even though we may have been, we can still be carriers. Who doesn’t love a Super Hero and many of them wear masks. I wear mine with pride at showing love and respect to all. It won’t affect my enjoyment this Summer and I will have fun seeking out new masks with appropriate Summer themes to match my Summer wardrobe.

Have fun and stay safe.


This is something we are all aware of – or are we? We know it’s pretty and cute, sometimes harsh and dangerous, but are we really aware of just how important it is to our very existence. You wouldn’t think so by the way we abuse or ignore it.

Nature has inspired us from the very beginning of our human history. It sheltered us and fed and clothed us. It inspired medicine, art, weapons and so much that we probably don’t even realise. Did you know that the nose of the Japanese Bullet Train was inspired by the beak of the Kingfisher? It worked so much better than the original design which made so much noise travelling at such high speeds through inhabited areas that it caused harm and distress to the people there. As luck would have it, the engineer was a ‘twitcher’ (bird watcher) and thought of how the Kingfisher darts at unbelievable speed into the water to catch its prey without visually disturbing the water surface. This inspired his design of the nose on the present Bullet Train. Amazing! So many ideas and technology has been based on nature.

Dr. Mikao Usui received the Reiki Symbols whilst meditating in nature for 21 days on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. Surrounded by ancient giant cedar trees and given its size and strong energy, it provides the perfect setting for meditation.

We tend to ‘look after’ that of nature we see to benefit us directly, but are sometimes unaware of all that is vital to us indirectly. Nature works away to support us unseen, and our actions may destroy that and, ultimately, destroy the nature we know to directly benefit us.

I have often said that everything in the world, in the universe, is connected – it is so very true. It is not too late to do something about this – better late than never, as they say – but we all need to do something – be more aware, think more of our natural connection with nature. It can only be beneficial to both nature and ourselves.


This is a sense we have all been missing recently. Not being able to touch those we love and care about has been hard, but now there is the promise of it coming to an end! Slowly (and safely) we will be able to re-unite and hold those we have been missing, but don’t view this as having been bad. Yes, highly upsetting and frustrating, but in refraining from contact we have shown just how much we do love and care for those we have been apart from, keeping our distance to avoid the risk of, unintentionally, passing anything on. What greater love than sacrifice and what sweeter love than re-uniting.

Being deprived of that particular sense of touch has, hopefully, made us more appreciative of it. The touch of another human, or animal for that matter, is so very important in life. A touch can convey so much, particularly when words may elude us. It can bring love, comfort, support, healing and much more.

Touch in Reiki is fundamental, although not essential. I usually give ‘hands on’ Reiki treatments, but when a recipient prefers not to be touched I treat inches above them. The Reiki received is no different, but recipients usually like the feeling of contact during a treatment. They often say it feels comforting and relaxing to them.

When I have treated recipients without touching them, they have often said after the treatment that they felt my hands on them at various stage of the treatment. When I have given Distant Healing, those I have sent to have sometimes said the same. I explain that what they felt is the Reiki Power. Reiki goes where it is needed and what they felt is Reiki touching them – not me!

Touch can be received in several ways other than by physical contact. You can be touched by speech, by a look or just a thought – that is how important touch is to humans and animal alike – even plants!


Although a Reiki Master, I call myself The Eternal Student! To think that I have learnt all there is to learn about Reiki would be very arrogant of me. Whilst it is true that the basics of Reiki are the same, we have learnt more about the way Dr. Mikao Usui taught and passed on his knowledge. It was thought that Dr. Mikao Usui teachings were passed on purely verbally, but then a document came to light in which he gave detailed descriptions of hand positions for certain parts of the body and health disorders, more extensive than those taught in the West.

Learning under Dr. Usui was intensive. The students met once a week to meditate and practice Reiki, also practising scanning the body until being able to reach a type of energetic diagnosis. Some students managed this fairly quickly, for others it could take weeks, months, even years to achieve.

Dr. Usui was steadfast in his tuition. There were no one day Degree Courses back then. One studied and worked alongside Dr. Usui until he thought you were ready to move on to the next level. This could take 10, sometimes 20 years. My own feeling follows this. I believe you should work with what you have learnt before moving on to the next level. Feel Reiki and learn to follow your intuition in using it. If you use your Reiki everyday, treating yourself, and others, you will know that the more you do it the more you get a ‘feeling’ of it and become more confident. Reiki will follow its own path and go where it is needed, but the more we use our healing abilities, the more precise our intuition becomes and the better the results will be.

It’s a great feeling when you achieve something you have wanted to achieve for so long – but it is an even greater feeling when you find there is more to discover. Apart from added interest, it is good for our physical and mental health to keep learning. All in moderation of course. Your ‘little grey cells’ will serve you better if you keep challenging them.

We absorb so much everyday through our senses, sometimes without realising it. Try taking time now and again to look or listen a little closer. Just simple things.

Song thrush perched on a small leafy branch, sky blue background.

Every morning – all day and evening in fact – a little bird sits at the top of a tree in front of my house and sings its little heart out. It is very loud and I was surprised to find that all this noise came from a relatively small bird. I should know the species but couldn’t get a clear view of it. Now I plan to learn how to recognise which songs come from which species of bird.

You see – destined to become The Eternal Student in life, as well as in Reiki!


The above is the name of a meteor shower due to be visible to us on the 6th May, 2021. It’s rate is estimated at 40 per hour and it is associated with Halley’s Comet. Meteor showers tend to get their names from the constellations in the night sky that they appear to come from. Eta Aquariids comes from the Aquarius constellation and is named after one of the stars of that constellation – Eta Aquarii.

The Eta Aquariids meteor shower will peak between midnight and dawn on the 6th May 2021, and will appear in the U.K. in the early predawn hours. I love watching ‘shooting stars’ and have often seen a few before the stated time, as if announcing what is to come! So, it may well be worth keeping watch before predawn, just in case.

As I have said, I love watching ‘shooting stars’ and have been doing so since childhood. Every time I see one it still catches my breath, just as it did when I saw my very first one. No matter how many per shower, each one makes me gasp ‘Wow’!

Dr. Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki as natural healing) is said to have received the Reiki symbols as a beam of light shooting towards him and knocking him over. In rapid succession he saw before him bubbles of light – the Reiki Symbols. Seeing ‘shooting stars’ in the night sky is amazing enough, imagine seeing something like that – mind blowing to say the least!

It’s said we are all made of stardust (going back to the Big Bang), perhaps that is why we are fascinated by the wonder of the night sky. I like to think that part of that wonder is part of me (part of us all) – what better lift when you’re feeling down?!

I hope you have the chance to see Eta Aquariids on the 6th May. I’ll be thinking of you all as I sit fully cocooned against the elements, with a hot flask of coffee, waiting with baited breath for nature’s lightshow!


In my last blog, ‘WHERE THERE’S A NEED’, I mentioned how a question from one of Dr. Mikao Usui’s (founder of Reiki as natural healing) students altered the course of Dr. Usui’s life. I have often wondered over the years since I was first told this story of the origins of Reiki, whether that young student ever realised the importance of his question to Dr. Usui’s life and, indeed, to the discovery of Reiki. I like to think that Dr. Usui found him later – or maybe he found Dr. Usui again once Dr. Usui’s ability to heal spread – whether Dr. Usui finally answered his question, and if it had an affect on that young man’s life too. If so, he must have been inspired, if nothing-else, by Dr. Usui’s tenacity.

This story fired realisations in my own mind. The importance of speaking up when you feel strongly about something, or someone (even though you may feel you are out of your depth), the importance of listening to others and giving their feelings and opinions some thought, however they may differ from your own, also being aware of what you say and how you say it may affect them. How maybe a look, or just a glance can impact on others. This takes me back to my childhood when my Dad used to tell me to ‘Think before you speak’. This is important – what you say can be taken very differently to what you mean!

How many of us have been given a thought, or decided to change something in our lives as a result of something someone-else has done or said in passing I wonder. It is fleeting moments like these that can have a big impact on us. I know quite a few people throughout my life who have given me ideas, or led my thoughts to follow another path – sometimes just overhearing snippets of conversations between strangers when passing have made me think about something I would never have thought about. I find it so interesting how we really are all connected, if only by chance, and can carry another’s thought or deed forward in our own way.

People inspiring others, even without knowing it, I see as nature’s way of evolving our wonderful planet. What inspires and affects mankind also affects everything-else by our understanding and achievements we improve everything around us. A knock-on effect that can be felt as well as seen. What a bright, positive, inspiring future lies ahead!


This is something we can all relate to. We have all felt need in some form or other. It is also something we can all respond to. It simply takes awareness, compassion and action, which is within everyone.

You don’t have to be a specialist in anything to respond to the needs of others. This is something we can all do, even when in need ourselves.

Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki as natural healing, was made aware of the need of more than blind faith in belief and acceptance of what you are taught, by one of his young students. This set Dr. Usui on a path to discover how Jesus, his disciples and also the Buddha actually managed to heal people.

Image from National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health – NIH

Dr. Usui was president of Doshisha University in Kyoto Japan. In this capacity he must have influenced the views and lives of many students, but here was a student who influenced, even changed, the life of the teacher! Dr. Usui was humble enough to listen to and to see the need to ‘back up’ his teachings with proof. After all neither he, nor anyone living, had seen the miracles he referred to in his teachings, so he needed to find out more. This he did after many years of searching, travelling, asking many questions of many learned people from different nations and religions, learning new languages to access ancient records and overcoming many obstacles.

Having accomplished his goal and acquiring healing powers himself he spent his life healing others wherever he found the need, even in a leper colony, and helped to change people’s lives. He also realised the need of passing these abilities on to others to continue meeting these needs after his lifetime and taught his Reiki Healing to those he felt sure would use it correctly. He was aware of the power of this healing and the need for it to be used and passed on to those who would use and teach it in the same sacred manner. To be used for good, not for profit, and where there was the need – at the same time realising that some ‘exchange’ should be made so that the receiver would value the treatment.

Right now, our need is to get back to ‘normal’ – meeting together again and enjoying life, but let’s not forget the need to remember what we have learnt through things and people we have missed during lock-down and Live the Attitude of Gratitude every day.

I have been grateful for the ability of treating people globally through Distant Healing, but my need is to get back to treating people in person.

There is nothing like human contact – as we have all found out!


I suppose this word immediately conjures up partners, family and friends, but relationships occur on many different levels, at varied times. Our relationship with everything around us not only affects and forms us, but others too. The way we interact and respond to everything has a ‘knock on’ effect and thereby carries on through others and how they respond and interact with things they come into contact with, whether we are aware of it or not.

How we live our lives in general not only forms a relationship with people, but also with our environment. This is now more noticeable, we are more aware, more conscious of how our way of living our daily lives is altering our world – even beyond – altering our atmosphere. Now (hopefully) more of us are far more aware of the damage we are doing, without realising it, and are altering our way of living.

We have all missed relationships over this past year and, I hope, that as we are able to ease back into them again we will not take so much for granted in the future. I would like to think we will be more mindful and appreciative of everything. Think more of our relationships and interactions with people we come into contact with every day and take the time to notice, smile at and thank them. Just those simple actions could make all the difference to their day and how they relate to others during it – having a ‘knock on’ affect that generates a better day for everyone! The front-line people – postmen and women, delivery people and refuse collectors and many more, have been the only contact with the outside world that many of us have had during this past year and their waves, nods and smiles have made a difference to our days. Don’t lose sight of that as time goes on, they kept us cheerful!

Notice your surroundings and really look and appreciate what we have and, for many, have been deprived of recently.

Let’s wake up to all levels of relationships around us and be REALLY thankful for them.

As we get back to work again, remember the Reiki Principles of:-

‘Just for Today I will do My Work Honestly.’

‘Just for Today I will Live The Attitude of Gratitude.’

‘Just for Today I will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing.’

Keeping these in mind every day will make such a difference to our lives and relationships – try it and see!


This old saying was instantly brought to mind for me this morning as I stepped outside. It is a beautifully sunny spring morning – but so very cold! One naturally feels like shedding a layer or two once the sun shines, but there must have been a reason this rhyme came about. My thinking is that the weather has always been changeable at this time of year through the centuries, probably dramatically so – lovely and warm one day and, from nowhere, bitterly cold the next. This leaves us open to not only colds and chills, but other ailments connected. My interpretation of this is that we should not be too quick to make changes without due consideration. I feel this is very apt at the moment. We are coming out of lock-down and, obviously are very happy and eager to do so, but let’s just take a moment and think about how we do this. Still take precautions that not only protect ourselves, but others too. Fully embrace the easing of lock-down, but fully embrace the need for caution.

The Reiki Principle of ‘Just for Today I will Live the Attitude of Gratitude’ is a good one to bear in mind celebrating coming out of lock-down, but another Reiki Principle – ‘Just for Today I will show Love and Respect to every Living Thing’ would be good to follow, as we can do this by coming out of lock-down sensibly and thinking of others too.

Life is good, life is precious, make the most of it and enjoy!