As a Reiki Master I have really missed giving ‘hands on’ treatments in these testing times. I know that many Practitioners have started treating again, but it will be some time before I can ‘get back out there’, due to my husband’s medical condition. I really can’t risk bringing anything back into the home after being so very careful for so long. As a family we have been self-isolating since the beginning of March, although my two eldest daughters have been since January! As soon as we heard of this virus we isolated ourselves, before being advised/told to do so. This is something we do anyway during cold and ‘flu times because of the risk to my husband, but never for this long!

But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Out of this has emerged an over-whelming increase in requests for Distant Healing.  Those I regularly send Distant Healing to have spread the word and I have had so many more requests for this type of healing.  I am hoping that when I can get back into circulation again, these ‘new’ people will want to try a ‘hands on’ treatment. I say ‘hands on’ but for those who prefer not to have physical contact I do treat an inch or so above the body. Reiki goes where it is needed, the treatment is the same whether you actually treat ‘hands on’ or not, but most people say they like the added comfort of human touch.

I began my blog with reference to ‘these testing times’ and they have been for so many, but testing need not be an altogether negative thing. At the start of lock-down I decided that as I would not be here, there and everywhere as I normally am (visiting clients and  being the main driver in a family of five), I would make good use of my new ‘me’ time to try things I have always wanted to try, but have never got to grips with.

I have heard of so many people enjoying discovering things, or re-discovering things they like. Re-connecting with family time, nature and themselves. It has been an opportunity for many to just have time for themselves – which is so  good for our well-being.

On the other side of the coin, it has been a difficult time for those of us who are lonely and normally rely on others for support. Not everyone has access to various technologies to keep in touch with the ‘outside’ world, or even a telephone to hand. This is where we thank all the front-line workers. Not only the N.H.S but delivery people too.  Their thumbs up, or smile, or nod as they leave post, medicines, food, etc., is a connection to someone during an otherwise lonely day. And where would we be without our refuse collectors, who have never missed a collection since all this started? God bless humanity!

This is where I am so grateful for Reiki. Not only does it help to heal the body, but the mind too – and the spirit. I feel you cannot really separate these three things as they are all connected and work together to keep us positive which keeps us happy, which keeps us healthy! People have said to me over the years ‘Oh, it won’t work on me, I don’t believe in it.’. Reiki is not a belief system. It will go where it is needed whether you believe in it or not. It is a complimentary treatment. It works with, not instead of or against medical treatments. It can heal the body, mind and soul and lift the spirit. All that is required is to relax and accept. Even those of us who find it difficult to relax can just take a deep breath in and accept a treatment of Distant Healing. I would be happy to oblige, just let me know.

Well, I feel I have chatted on enough for now. Take care. Speak again soon.

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