A time for change. Yes, it gets colder and darker, but not all is doom and gloom! Autumn brings with it an amazing colour palette that is breathtaking and not just en masse. A single splash that pops up amidst a tangly overgrowth can be just as awesome.

It is an important time for nature and humans. In nature it’s all going on beneath the ground, making ready for the coming year. Roots grow and secure themselves, many travelling to shoot up some way from the parent plant or tree. Animals burrow, sifting and shifting soil, filtering it and turning it over. Leaves dropping and making way for new buds and providing mulch for the soil and bedding for some animals and insects.

For humans, it is a time of preparation for darker, colder days and nights – and harsher weather. Clearing streams to prevent overflowing during wetter, windier weather and the gathering in of foods grown and fuel for the winter. Time for crafters to make clothing suitable for the coming colder season and decorations to brighten the autumn and winter months. A busy time for both nature and humans, a time of preparation.

Many of us dislike change, but it is a natural progression. We do not always have a choice, but we can look at it and think how it can benefit us, how it can work in our favour. There is usually something to be gained, even if it is not obvious at first. Adjusting is not necessarily a bad thing – although it may be irritating!

We have managed to adapt in recent months – not out of choice I grant you, but we have managed it. Look at the pluses that have come out of it too. Businesses have re-adapted to benefit us and ingenious inventions have surfaced. The leaps in vaccines and the like have been amazing in such a short time. People have realised what really matters to them in life and have made time for them.

The second Reiki Principle ‘Just for Today I will Not Worry’ is an appropriate one to adopt. Don’t worry about things you cannot change, go with the flow and use it to your advantage. Even if it is just sitting back and watching things pan out – chilling is good for your health and can open up the mind too!


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