I had a lovely one at the beginning of this month. My youngest daughter sent me these beautiful flowers.

The reason? A package had been delivered a few days before, addressed to me, but it turned out to be for my eldest daughter. I was saying later that day how excited I had felt on seeing the package as I hadn’t ordered anything and there was no birthday or anniversary in the offing which may have prompted someone to send me something. Then how I had felt a bit disappointed when it had turned out not to be for me. Not real disappointment, but a little ‘Ah well. Never mind.’ and carrying on!

A few days later a box arrived, again addressed to me. It was clearly marked ‘flowers’ on the outside and I was perplexed as to who or why anyone would send me flowers. As I have said, there was no special occasion looming. The card inside with the flowers read ‘Surprise!’ Love – and my daughter’s name. When I asked her why she had sent them, she told me it was because I had been excited about the original package and then disappointed when it wasn’t for me. How kind and thoughtful is that? How blessed am I?!

Surprises, on the whole, are done with thoughtfulness and usually love. They show how much people think of us and how valued we are. Not all surprises come into that category sadly and not all people like surprises. but the majority do. We can feel surprise as well as receiving it. Seeing a plant or flower we hadn’t sown popping up in an unexpected place for instance. This happened to me last week. Due to not being able to go out to purchase any plants, I haven’t planted any tomatoes this year. Imagine my surprise when I went to tend my potato patch and found a very healthy tomato plant, with fruit (admittedly green and small, as it was swamped by the potato leaves, but fruit nonetheless!) smack bang in the middle.

As a Reiki Master, I treat many people with Distant Healing, more since Covid 19 as I can’t treat them in person. They often tell me how surprised they are by the fact that it works, even though we have had no contact. That’s the sort of surprise I like to hear about! Proving Reiki goes where it is needed, no matter what, when sent with love, light and good intentions.

I am surprised when people pooh-pooh Reiki without having tried it, ‘distant’ or ‘hands on’. Give it a go – you may be surprised!


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