Nature has been giving us signs that things need to change for so long. Melting ice-caps and icebergs, flooding, climate changes, freak weather conditions to name but a few. Some of us woke up to the fact, but not enough of us. All actions have consequences, both good and bad. Our actions don’t just have consequences for humanity, but for all life on the planet, whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral and now we are really seeing the results!

Growing up and becoming more aware of these things, I began to think of trees as the lungs of the planet. They are so important in supplying oxygen and cleaning the air, enabling healthy growth for everything – and look what we have done to them. We have been clearing woods and forests all over the globe for centuries – yes, sometimes necessary, but very many times unnecessary and now more of us are not just seeing the consequences, but feeling them too.

Having been seriously self-isolating with my family for eight months now our household has been making many changes. Unable to get groceries we requested in our deliveries and the supermarket being unable to provide substitutes at times, we have adjusted our ‘usual’ meals and have come up with different and ‘interesting’ recipes! Not being able to go out has meant that we have not bought new clothes for certain occasions.

Obviously missing meeting up with friends and family in person, we have sought alternative ways and have connected through Skype and Zoom. We soon adopted the attitude of treating this as our new ‘going out’ and dressed and made-up for these occasions. It’s been fun and we have dug out old attire that was headed for the charity shops and re-used them. Due to the fact that we can no longer donate to charity shops at the moment, we have re-jiggled stuff, re-worked things and have made some fun and interesting clothes! A new wardrobe for nothing – win, win!

Books that were bound for the charity shops have been re-read until the time comes when we can safely pass them on.

We can get downhearted during these times, but we won’t always have to live like this if we do the sensible thing now.

Changes can be good, even fun, depending on how we view them. If you can’t do anything about them, try to make them better, easier for you to live with. There will be a way and who knows how you will change finding it.

The Fourth Reiki Principle:-
‘Just for Today I will do my work honestly.’

Work at making changes within yourself and your environment. Honestly look for ways to help yourself and others to get through these times and come out the other side, finding that by changing we learn and blossom.


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