As we prepare to say goodbye to this old year and welcome the new, let’s just take some time to reflect and consider before we move on.

It’s natural, given the year we have had, that we should feel a little apprehensive about the coming year, but we humans are pretty special and, on the whole, find ways of coping during situations we cannot change or control.

Reflecting on this past year and all we have faced during it has shown how people have pulled together to help others and have found ways to keep not only their own spirits up, but that of others too. This year has shown just how caring and unselfish people can be, even to those they don’t know – and probably never will. It has shown an inner light of love and caring for others, that we all have inside us, which comes to the fore in times of need. Charities have often said how amazed they have been over the years as to how even people with very little rally round in times of need, wanting to do what they can, however small, to help others.

Reiki Practitioners work in love and light and it is that light that beams out to others, that inner light of love and caring. Whatever this new year holds for us let’s make a resolution to ourselves to let it shine. To find ways if coping and helping others to cope with what we cannot control or change, but what we can learn to adapt to and live with. It may not be easy at times, but we are bigger than whatever fate may throw at us, particularly when we work together. The NHS alone has shown us that!

So, chin up, best foot forward and remember – Let It Shine!


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