Looking out of my window the other morning I was taken aback at the beauty of what I saw. At first I wasn’t sure whether it was a very heavy frost, or a light fall of snow, but it was utterly breathtaking. It was a heavy frost, everything was so very white and glistening – and so very quite! Even the air was a white mist, the air was actually frozen, it was magical.

Stepping outside was like stepping into a cotton wool world. Not a sound, not even a bird, everything was so still, quiet and so very, very white. I have never in my life seen white air before! It lasted all day. So very cold, but wonderful to view from the warmth of the fireside I have to say.

The following day, although frosty and cold was not as magical, but still very pretty, and started to thaw a little later in the day. Walking through the garden when it had thawed a bit, I noticed little shoots in some of the flower pots on the patio. Under all that frost and frozen air of the previous day, life was going on underneath and reaching for the light, in spite of the odds against it. Amazing. It made me think!

Life goes on, whatever circumstances it faces. No matter how hard, how cold, how seemingly impossible, life shoots up – often in the most unexpected places, but shoot up it does and reaches for the light – and grows and blossoms. So can we.

It may take some time for us to see, or even believe that there is light in what we are going through during our lives, but there always is – somewhere. And where there is light, there is love and these two things will nourish us and let us grow. This thought can be a comfort to us in cold, harsh times if we can just hold on to it.

As a Reiki Master I work in light and love and see the benefits of that in so many places and circumstances, not only in my own life, but in that of others too. For some, it is harder to see love and light in what they have to face and deal with, but it is there, it just needs to be looked for.

‘Just for today I will live the attitude of gratitude.’

Though we may not have much, being grateful for what we do have and showing gratitude that things aren’t any worse, may be a step toward seeing light and feeling love. They are all around us. People are sending love and light out in many ways to others, in thoughts and deeds, we just have to trust it is there and accept it.

Under the harshness (and beauty) of what can, at times, be a frosty world, there is life pushing its way through to a lighter, brighter world.


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