…. but we can choose how we re-act to them. This I think is so true, although not always easy. Fundamentally, we have two choices in such situations:-

  1. Feel sorry for ourselves, feel hard done by, angry and complain about it.


2. Accept we cannot change what has or is happening to us and look for a way to get through it, lift our spirits and get on with life as it is now, as best we can.

To me, there seems no real choice. If you accept No:1, it only leads to more misery, anger, possibly depression and ill-health. Whereas No:2 offers positivity, hope, acceptance and new beginnings. A new approach to life and the satisfaction of coping.

I feel life is a straight path from our beginning to our end, but along that path there are off-shoots, or detours and these are where our lives differ from one another. Each off-shoot offers us choices and our lives and experiences are shaped by the choices we make at those times.

Very few people sail through life without travelling through troubled waters, however small the problems and obstacles they face in comparison to those faced by other people. Looking back through my life, I realise that those troubles, however painful at the time, have brought me to where I am now in my life and have made me the person I am at this point in time. Although basically we are who we are, life experiences do change us. Some say we change with age – which is true – but I don’t think age changes our opinions and feelings – I think it is the choices and experiences we go through during ageing that do that. We may feel that we don’t have a choice, and this is true for us all at some point in our lives, but how we deal with it at those times really can shape our lives and therefore ourselves.

No, we don’t always choose the things that happen to us – but we can choose what happens to us because of them. Be determined to make some good come out of anything negative that happens in life – don’t let the negative define who you are. You are the person you were meant to be, you are unique and have something to offer to the world that no other person has. That’s a journey worth the trouble! Take the time to discover what it is YOU have to offer, however big or small, and let THAT define you. I think the twists and turns (the off-shoots) in life’s path will always lead us back to the path we were given in the beginning. We take them and eventually come back to the main path of our journey, having learnt something from each detour.

Reiki teaches us five principles in life:-

Just for today I will live the attitude of gratitude.

Just for today I will not worry.

Just for today I will not anger.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will show love and respect to every living thing.

Following these five principles on our journey along life’s path, with all its off-shoots, twists and turns, will lead us in the right direction – always.

There is no other person in the world like you, you are unique. How amazing is that – how amazing are you!


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