In my last blog, ‘WHERE THERE’S A NEED’, I mentioned how a question from one of Dr. Mikao Usui’s (founder of Reiki as natural healing) students altered the course of Dr. Usui’s life. I have often wondered over the years since I was first told this story of the origins of Reiki, whether that young student ever realised the importance of his question to Dr. Usui’s life and, indeed, to the discovery of Reiki. I like to think that Dr. Usui found him later – or maybe he found Dr. Usui again once Dr. Usui’s ability to heal spread – whether Dr. Usui finally answered his question, and if it had an affect on that young man’s life too. If so, he must have been inspired, if nothing-else, by Dr. Usui’s tenacity.

This story fired realisations in my own mind. The importance of speaking up when you feel strongly about something, or someone (even though you may feel you are out of your depth), the importance of listening to others and giving their feelings and opinions some thought, however they may differ from your own, also being aware of what you say and how you say it may affect them. How maybe a look, or just a glance can impact on others. This takes me back to my childhood when my Dad used to tell me to ‘Think before you speak’. This is important – what you say can be taken very differently to what you mean!

How many of us have been given a thought, or decided to change something in our lives as a result of something someone-else has done or said in passing I wonder. It is fleeting moments like these that can have a big impact on us. I know quite a few people throughout my life who have given me ideas, or led my thoughts to follow another path – sometimes just overhearing snippets of conversations between strangers when passing have made me think about something I would never have thought about. I find it so interesting how we really are all connected, if only by chance, and can carry another’s thought or deed forward in our own way.

People inspiring others, even without knowing it, I see as nature’s way of evolving our wonderful planet. What inspires and affects mankind also affects everything-else by our understanding and achievements we improve everything around us. A knock-on effect that can be felt as well as seen. What a bright, positive, inspiring future lies ahead!


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