This is a sense we have all been missing recently. Not being able to touch those we love and care about has been hard, but now there is the promise of it coming to an end! Slowly (and safely) we will be able to re-unite and hold those we have been missing, but don’t view this as having been bad. Yes, highly upsetting and frustrating, but in refraining from contact we have shown just how much we do love and care for those we have been apart from, keeping our distance to avoid the risk of, unintentionally, passing anything on. What greater love than sacrifice and what sweeter love than re-uniting.

Being deprived of that particular sense of touch has, hopefully, made us more appreciative of it. The touch of another human, or animal for that matter, is so very important in life. A touch can convey so much, particularly when words may elude us. It can bring love, comfort, support, healing and much more.

Touch in Reiki is fundamental, although not essential. I usually give ‘hands on’ Reiki treatments, but when a recipient prefers not to be touched I treat inches above them. The Reiki received is no different, but recipients usually like the feeling of contact during a treatment. They often say it feels comforting and relaxing to them.

When I have treated recipients without touching them, they have often said after the treatment that they felt my hands on them at various stage of the treatment. When I have given Distant Healing, those I have sent to have sometimes said the same. I explain that what they felt is the Reiki Power. Reiki goes where it is needed and what they felt is Reiki touching them – not me!

Touch can be received in several ways other than by physical contact. You can be touched by speech, by a look or just a thought – that is how important touch is to humans and animal alike – even plants!


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