This is something we are all aware of – or are we? We know it’s pretty and cute, sometimes harsh and dangerous, but are we really aware of just how important it is to our very existence. You wouldn’t think so by the way we abuse or ignore it.

Nature has inspired us from the very beginning of our human history. It sheltered us and fed and clothed us. It inspired medicine, art, weapons and so much that we probably don’t even realise. Did you know that the nose of the Japanese Bullet Train was inspired by the beak of the Kingfisher? It worked so much better than the original design which made so much noise travelling at such high speeds through inhabited areas that it caused harm and distress to the people there. As luck would have it, the engineer was a ‘twitcher’ (bird watcher) and thought of how the Kingfisher darts at unbelievable speed into the water to catch its prey without visually disturbing the water surface. This inspired his design of the nose on the present Bullet Train. Amazing! So many ideas and technology has been based on nature.

Dr. Mikao Usui received the Reiki Symbols whilst meditating in nature for 21 days on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. Surrounded by ancient giant cedar trees and given its size and strong energy, it provides the perfect setting for meditation.

We tend to ‘look after’ that of nature we see to benefit us directly, but are sometimes unaware of all that is vital to us indirectly. Nature works away to support us unseen, and our actions may destroy that and, ultimately, destroy the nature we know to directly benefit us.

I have often said that everything in the world, in the universe, is connected – it is so very true. It is not too late to do something about this – better late than never, as they say – but we all need to do something – be more aware, think more of our natural connection with nature. It can only be beneficial to both nature and ourselves.


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