How lovely the last couple of days have been after such a mardy May. The 1st June (by the way, lucky month to you all) holds much promise judging by what I woke up to this morning. Flowers and shrubs seemed to have bloomed, popping in full colour, over night. Summer is on its way!

But, in true Reiki fashion, I am showing ‘The Attitude of Gratitude’ for the weather May brought us. Irritating though it may have been to us, the strong winds spread seeds far and wide to lend a hand to the rest of nature. The downpours fed the earth and sharpened the colours and smells of nature – I love the smell of the outside after rain. I like to think that this points to a lovely Summer and that all the rain was in preparation – preparing the plants, trees and grasses and filling ponds, streams and our reservoirs to keep us going through a glorious Summer. Fingers crossed I’m right!

As we venture forth, little by little, this will definitely be a Summer to remember, doing things we haven’t been able to do for quite a while in (hopefully) glorious sunshine. As though someone out there has shone a spotlight on us illuminating the joy and relief at getting back to our own forms of normal life.

This is a crucial time to remember the Fifth Reiki Principle – ‘Just for Today I will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing’ and still remember to keep a social distance and donning masks where needed. After all, not everyone has been fully vaccinated and even though we may have been, we can still be carriers. Who doesn’t love a Super Hero and many of them wear masks. I wear mine with pride at showing love and respect to all. It won’t affect my enjoyment this Summer and I will have fun seeking out new masks with appropriate Summer themes to match my Summer wardrobe.

Have fun and stay safe.


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