What a season! Thinking of all we have to look forward to (even if it is only on the T.V.) is exciting. Something for everyone, as they say. Festivals, country shows, football, cricket, tennis and more. All competing against each other, yet coming together to provide not just entertainment but enthusiasm and happiness to others. Granted, this year will be a little different, but those events able to go ahead will do so with all safety precautions at the fore.

I love so much about Summer – the smell of mown grass (evoking childhood memories, so precious), hearing children having fun, strawberries and cream! It’s not just flowers and shrubs that bloom into colour in Summer, people do too. It appears to draw out a certain vibrant energy in us that blooms in our faces. After a ‘sleepy’ Winter and a turbulent Spring, Summer is here to revive us and we can let loose and have fun.

Wandering around country shows in the past, I have found new interests, particularly in ancient crafts and those in turn have led me to other interesting things. Learning new skills keeps the old grey matter active, which is important to our health in general. Happy mind, happy body. Dr. Mikao Usui learnt on his quest for healing that healing just the body, although obviously essential, is not enough. We need to heal the mind and the spirit too. Healing the mind lifts the spirit and that in itself is healing. All three work together to achieve a happy balance. This is where Reiki is so beneficial. Reiki will go where it is needed, whether it is the mind that needs healing, the spirit or the body. The Reiki Energy will flow, uniting all three and resulting in a much happier, energised you! Try it.

Enjoy your Summer doing whatever brings you happiness. If you can’t attend venues, watch them on T.V. I will be, and getting just as excited about it all!


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