I was fascinated, some years ago, when I heard that each planet ‘sings’. They all have a vibration unique to themselves, as do we. Stars do too and space itself ‘hums’. It brought to mind a metal humming top I had as a child. The tone of the hum changed as it slowed down or sped up.

Why does everything vibrate, on earth and in space? It’s all down to energy. Everything is made of energy and so gives off a vibration. We are all connected by Universal energy and this is what we tap into when we practice Reiki Healing – it helps to connect us and balance things out. As Practitioners we act as a conduit between that energy and those being treated. Reiki (the energy) goes where our energy is depleted and re-charges us. It naturally flows where healing is needed, but you don’t have to be ill or have any sort of injury to benefit from a Reiki treatment. I treat myself daily, re-charging if you like, topping up my vibration. It is a wonderful way of spoiling yourself – try it, you’re worth it!

Maybe the vibrations in space, of the stars and the planets, is the Universe ‘talking’ to us. If only we knew how to listen, it may be giving us the answer to the Sixty-four Million Dollar Question – the answer to EVERYTHING!!!


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