It is said that history repeats itself. Perhaps it does, but I believe that with each repetition comes a choice. As we recognise whatever is being repeated, maybe we should think about the outcome of that event. This is where ‘choice’ comes into play. If the outcome was beneficial, then let us repeat the response given at the time. If the outcome was unfavourable, then that would be the time to consider choices to turn them around.

Look back at disasters of the past and think of how to deal with them if they show signs of repeating themselves, be it floods, earthquakes, famine, drought, war – whatever – we have choices that can avoid them. This invariably means working together, more importantly, a desire to work together, to accomplish this. There are enough people on our amazing planet who care enough about it and others to instigate this.

Sadly, there are always those who, through greed and self-seeking, benefit from disasters but, happily, there are so many more who care enough about our planet and all that is on it to help avoid them.

Love is the key – repetition, choices, foresight and determination is the way – and togetherness is the answer!

‘Just for Today I will show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing.’

(Reiki Principle No:5)


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