We are defined by many things. Our looks, our attitudes, our appearances, our life-styles, our education, our views, it goes on! I believe we can choose from the things that define us to portray the best definition of ourselves. We all have ‘good points’ and emphasizing these will form what we think to be the best definition of who we are and this we can present to the world!

In looking into ourselves this way, we may discover things about ourselves that had never occurred to us before. We can really get to know ourselves, we may not like all that we discover, but that’s no bad thing – we can work on those points and improve. It can be a form of healing in some respects. As Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki as natural healing emphasized, you need to treat the whole – mind, body and spirit, to heal. In looking into ourselves, really getting to know ourselves, we can do just that. It may also bring about advancement. It can boost our confidence and we may even realise that we have abilities we didn’t know we had.

We cannot really define anyone until we get to know them. We make assumptions of the sort of people we think they are when we meet them, but to define anyone, or anything, really requires knowledge – otherwise it remains merely assumption.

Remember, we are who we are, not what defines us.


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