Harvest – to collect, to gather in, to provide, to store. This is a wonderful, busy time of year (providing all has been well weather- wise!). When all is ‘safely gathered in’ the time for farmers and their helpers to be able to relax and celebrate begins in the form of Harvest Suppers, barn dances and other happy gatherings. Although harvesting is done most of the year around, depending on the crops, vegetables and fruit grown and when they are ready to be harvested, Autumn is most commonly associated with Harvest.

At this time of year it is so nice to see people leaving boxes by their gateways with invitations to ‘Help Yourself’ written on them. This shows they have sufficient for their needs and are happy to provide for others rather than waste. Where harvest means ‘to gather’ I also like to think it means together’, too – coming together to share and enjoy what has been gathered. How good would it be to see this extended to other things we have too much of? Seeing ‘Help Yourself’ notices offering whatever we can to those who haven’t much, or have nothing.

In recent years Urban Gardeners have planted up waste and overgrown land with fruit and vegetables as well as flowers for the community to ‘Help Themselves’. This to me is true care in the community. Giving everyone a chance to enjoy good, healthy, fresh food and beautiful flowers, in particular those with no means of growing for themselves. This caring and sharing can only result in a healthier community, working together and supporting each other and their surroundings – ‘gathering in’ in the best possible way – friends as well as fodder if you like!

Harvesting the Reiki way –

‘Just For Today I Will Do My Work Honestly’

‘Just For Today I Will Show Love and Respect To Every Living Thing’


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