Anticipation – a feeling of excitement of something to come. I imagine most of us have felt this at sometime. Often the anticipation of something happening can be more exciting than the actual event. The feeling of excitement and wonder of what lies ahead when getting ready for a holiday, a new job, your first job, a new relationship, or just a night out. It all adds to the experience. It is the build-up before ‘the great event’.

Anticipation is within us all – it just takes something to trigger it, to set it in motion. It is this trigger that alerts our inner electrodes and fires up all our senses, hence the excitement. We can become open to possibilities, which in turn may expose us to new challenges, feelings and choices. Possibilities are endless and the choices we make can lead to further anticipation, positive as well as negative. In this way anticipation also acts as a ‘heads up’.

We may feel anticipation of something not going the way we are hoping for, or want, but this is not as negative as it first appears. It gives us the opportunity, the chance, to re-think or decide on something we may be able to do to alter that, to turn the negative into a positive, re-group and carry on. As well as the ‘feel good’ excitement, it can result in inspiration.

I sometimes wonder if Dr. Mikao Usui (Founder of Reiki as Natural Healing) felt anticipation as he set about finding the source of the power of natural healing as recorded in the lives of Jesus and Buddha. I’m sure he must have – firstly the anticipation, the excitement of that journey, then the anticipation that things were not going as he had hoped when he trod many paths that led nowhere during his search. Thankfully his endeavours resulted in the discovery of Reiki, which has benefited so many in the world over the years. His teachings and techniques are global – I wonder if he ever anticipated that!


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