2022 !

Casting my mind back to this time last year, 2021, I remember feeling excited about starting a brand, spanking new year. Planning all the things I hoped to do and new things to try. Many of them I did achieve, some – not so much – but they are being brought forward to do this new year.

Having had our wings clipped these past two years has made things difficult for many, if not all of us, but that should not stop us still wishing, dreaming and making plans – generally enjoying our lives, albeit in a very different way. One thing history has shown us is that we can adapt. We can make the most of our surroundings and build on what we have and our hopes and dreams. Something good out of something bad is a very positive and helpful thing to keep in mind. Hold that thought and use it well!

We are able to be who we would like to be. It may not always be easy, but if we are determined about what we want, we can make it happen – just don’t put a time limit on it! Keep your goals/dreams/wishes in sight, never look away, or be dissuaded, you will get there and they will happen in some form (even if not in the way you first pictured it!).

Here’s to 2022 whatever it brings and here’s to you all. Remember – ‘Just For Today I Will…’ and do it!


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