This is not to say that you should be ‘on the go’ every minute of your existence – just don’t waste a minute, be mindful of the time and of your time. Even relaxing, doing nothing counts. This is really not a minute wasted. At that moment your mind and body are making the most of that time. Even if you are not aware of thinking, as such, your mind is recharging, regenerating and your body is doing the same, just as they do when you sleep. Many of us are busier than others during the day (sometimes even at night) but we all need that downtime now and again so that we don’t burn out, overdo it and become unwell.

I often feel guilty if I sit down and do nothing, so I read, word-search, knit, anything to ease the guilt. Then I have a word with myself. It’s o.k. to take this time just to be me, with my thoughts sometimes, maybe a catnap(!), always treating myself with Reiki – but I am just me, not the driver, the cook, wife and Mum, just me. These are precious essential minutes we all need and should enjoy.

Every minute of every life is a jewel to be treasured and to enjoy in whatever manner we feel at that moment. So, make the most of every minute, reap the benefits and enjoyment they bring – you deserve it because you are special, you are you and there is no-one-else like you or ever will be.

‘Just For Today I will Live The Attitude of Gratitude’

………. and make every minute count.


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