I am a Reiki Master in The Usui System of Natural Healing. I attained my Reiki First Degree in 2005 and my Reiki Second Degree in 2007.  I attained my Reiki Master Degree  in 2019.

I live in Sussex, where I ran The Reiki Treatment Centre (The Usui System of Natural Healing) and also treated people in their own homes. Now, due to the present difficulties of Covid 19 I can do neither, so treat only through Distant Healing. As soon as it is truly safe to do so, I will re-establish my former methods of treatment.

The wonderful thing that all this has proven to me is that Reiki can reach you – no matter what – it goes where it is needed and it is needed now more than ever! If you have never had Distant Healing, I can heartily recommend it, both from a personal and professional experiences.

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