Although a Reiki Master, I call myself The Eternal Student! To think that I have learnt all there is to learn about Reiki would be very arrogant of me. Whilst it is true that the basics of Reiki are the same, we have learnt more about the way Dr. Mikao Usui taught and passed onContinue reading “THE ETERNAL STUDENT”


The above is the name of a meteor shower due to be visible to us on the 6th May, 2021. It’s rate is estimated at 40 per hour and it is associated with Halley’s Comet. Meteor showers tend to get their names from the constellations in the night sky that they appear to come from.Continue reading “ETA AQUARIIDS”


In my last blog, ‘WHERE THERE’S A NEED’, I mentioned how a question from one of Dr. Mikao Usui’s (founder of Reiki as natural healing) students altered the course of Dr. Usui’s life. I have often wondered over the years since I was first told this story of the origins of Reiki, whether that youngContinue reading “INSPIRATION”


This is something we can all relate to. We have all felt need in some form or other. It is also something we can all respond to. It simply takes awareness, compassion and action, which is within everyone. You don’t have to be a specialist in anything to respond to the needs of others. ThisContinue reading “WHERE THERE IS A NEED”


I suppose this word immediately conjures up partners, family and friends, but relationships occur on many different levels, at varied times. Our relationship with everything around us not only affects and forms us, but others too. The way we interact and respond to everything has a ‘knock on’ effect and thereby carries on through othersContinue reading “RELATIONSHIPS”


This old saying was instantly brought to mind for me this morning as I stepped outside. It is a beautifully sunny spring morning – but so very cold! One naturally feels like shedding a layer or two once the sun shines, but there must have been a reason this rhyme came about. My thinking isContinue reading “CAST NOT A CLOUT ‘TIL MAY IS OUT”


As a child, the lead-up to Easter was almost as exciting as the lead-up to Christmas. The weather always seemed to be sunny and warm (I’m sure it wasn’t always and that I am just remembering those times it was!), there were flowers and blossoms everywhere. Our garden was a picture, thanks to my Mum.Continue reading “EASTER MEMORIES”


Patterns exist throughout the universe. Patterns in nature, in design, even in behaviour. Everything has its own pattern – look at a spider web, no two the same, and look at your fingerprints – unique. Early humans expressed themselves in patterns, some were art but others warnings, records of where to find food and waterContinue reading “PATTERNS”


Balance is found throughout nature and it is important that we balance things in our lives. If things are ‘off kilter’ it can affect not only our moods, but our health too. In Reiki we work to restore natural balance when things have tilted too much. This can happen when mind, body and spirit areContinue reading “BALANCE”


My garden is bramble heaven. Every winter I tell myself that this is the year I will clear ALL the brambles away, but the cold, wind and rain usually get the better of me. I don’t do well in the cold! No matter how many layers I don, I don’t stay out for long (ooContinue reading “BRAMBLES”