When people mention that they have various aches and pains, I suggest they try a Reiki treatment. A response I often get to this is ‘oh, it won’t work for me – I don’t believe in it’. As I have said in my previous post, ‘Reiki Treatments in Difficult Times’, Reiki is not a beliefContinue reading “A REIKI TREATMENT”


I remember how, at seven years of age, we were taught, in school, how to weave. We made our own ‘loom’ out of a piece of a cereal box, cutting ‘teeth’ top and bottom, then securing wool to form the bases of weft and warp. I took to this like a duck to water –Continue reading “WEAVING”


So many lists at this time of year: cards, presents, food and drink. Not so many invitations this year, but there’s always Skype, Zoom and all the other ways of connecting -as well as the good old telephone! One list that stood out for me this year in particular was the Christmas card list ofContinue reading “Lists”


The magical month! The month known for giving, more than any other. A time of love, reflection and, in a way, loss – letting go of another year. A time of looking forward to what is to come. This year’s celebrations will be very different for most of us, yet not so different for some.Continue reading “DECEMBER”


As a Reiki Master I have really missed giving ‘hands on’ treatments in these testing times. I know that many Practitioners have started treating again, but it will be some time before I can ‘get back out there’, due to my husband’s medical condition. I really can’t risk bringing anything back into the home afterContinue reading “REIKI TREATMENTS IN DIFFICULT TIMES”