Anticipation – a feeling of excitement of something to come. I imagine most of us have felt this at sometime. Often the anticipation of something happening can be more exciting than the actual event. The feeling of excitement and wonder of what lies ahead when getting ready for a holiday, a new job, your firstContinue reading “ANTICIPATION”


This is something we would all benefit from doing, but how many of us actually do it? I’m not talking about stopping whatever it is we are doing at a certain moment and doing something-else or ‘vegging out’, I mean stopping and actually taking a moment. Now before you say you never have the time,Continue reading “TAKING A MOMENT”


This is something we are all aware of – or are we? We know it’s pretty and cute, sometimes harsh and dangerous, but are we really aware of just how important it is to our very existence. You wouldn’t think so by the way we abuse or ignore it. Nature has inspired us from theContinue reading “NATURE”


Although a Reiki Master, I call myself The Eternal Student! To think that I have learnt all there is to learn about Reiki would be very arrogant of me. Whilst it is true that the basics of Reiki are the same, we have learnt more about the way Dr. Mikao Usui taught and passed onContinue reading “THE ETERNAL STUDENT”


In my last blog, ‘WHERE THERE’S A NEED’, I mentioned how a question from one of Dr. Mikao Usui’s (founder of Reiki as natural healing) students altered the course of Dr. Usui’s life. I have often wondered over the years since I was first told this story of the origins of Reiki, whether that youngContinue reading “INSPIRATION”


This is something we can all relate to. We have all felt need in some form or other. It is also something we can all respond to. It simply takes awareness, compassion and action, which is within everyone. You don’t have to be a specialist in anything to respond to the needs of others. ThisContinue reading “WHERE THERE IS A NEED”


Each year on the 1st March I am taken back in thought to St. David’s Day when I was growing up in Wales. One of my favourite memories was of my Mum making Welsh Cakes on my Grandma’s old bake-stone the evening before, ready for the following day. The smell through the house as IContinue reading “ST. DAVID’S DAY”


I have often heard people say ‘Don’t look back, yesterday has gone. Look forward to the future.’ Sensible advice, but I think you should look back now and then. Obviously the future is what is important, but the past is full of memories – good and bad – and lessons learnt (or not!). My pastContinue reading “LOOKING BACK”


It occurs to me just how like a game of Scrabble life is! We get given a certain amount of – let’s say ’tiles’ – and have to make of it what we can. As in Scrabble, our tiles change. We use what we have and make the most of it, to the best ofContinue reading “SCRABBLE/LIFE”