This is not to say that you should be ‘on the go’ every minute of your existence – just don’t waste a minute, be mindful of the time and of your time. Even relaxing, doing nothing counts. This is really not a minute wasted. At that moment your mind and body are making the mostContinue reading “MAKE EVERY MINUTE COUNT”


Just for Today I Will Live The Attitude of Gratitude Just for Today I Will Not Worry Just for Today I Will Not Anger Just for Today I Will Do My Work Honestly Just for Today I Will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing.


How lovely the last couple of days have been after such a mardy May. The 1st June (by the way, lucky month to you all) holds much promise judging by what I woke up to this morning. Flowers and shrubs seemed to have bloomed, popping in full colour, over night. Summer is on its way!Continue reading “HERE COMES SUMMER!”


Looking out of my window the other morning I was taken aback at the beauty of what I saw. At first I wasn’t sure whether it was a very heavy frost, or a light fall of snow, but it was utterly breathtaking. It was a heavy frost, everything was so very white and glistening –Continue reading “FROST”


I had a lovely one at the beginning of this month. My youngest daughter sent me these beautiful flowers. The reason? A package had been delivered a few days before, addressed to me, but it turned out to be for my eldest daughter. I was saying later that day how excited I had felt onContinue reading “SURPRISES”


‘Just for Today I Will Live The Attitude of Gratitiude’ – the first Reiki Principle. Most people show gratitude almost daily in their lives, but it has become more apparent nationally, even globally, since the Covid 19 pandemic. Our gratitude to the NHS and all front-line workers risking their own safety for the masses. CarContinue reading “THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE”