Looking out of my window the other morning I was taken aback at the beauty of what I saw. At first I wasn’t sure whether it was a very heavy frost, or a light fall of snow, but it was utterly breathtaking. It was a heavy frost, everything was so very white and glistening –Continue reading “FROST”


The magical month! The month known for giving, more than any other. A time of love, reflection and, in a way, loss – letting go of another year. A time of looking forward to what is to come. This year’s celebrations will be very different for most of us, yet not so different for some.Continue reading “DECEMBER”


Nature has been giving us signs that things need to change for so long. Melting ice-caps and icebergs, flooding, climate changes, freak weather conditions to name but a few. Some of us woke up to the fact, but not enough of us. All actions have consequences, both good and bad. Our actions don’t just haveContinue reading “CHANGE”