Just for Today I Will Live The Attitude of Gratitude Just for Today I Will Not Worry Just for Today I Will Not Anger Just for Today I Will Do My Work Honestly Just for Today I Will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing.


My garden is bramble heaven. Every winter I tell myself that this is the year I will clear ALL the brambles away, but the cold, wind and rain usually get the better of me. I don’t do well in the cold! No matter how many layers I don, I don’t stay out for long (ooContinue reading “BRAMBLES”


I remember how, at seven years of age, we were taught, in school, how to weave. We made our own ‘loom’ out of a piece of a cereal box, cutting ‘teeth’ top and bottom, then securing wool to form the bases of weft and warp. I took to this like a duck to water –Continue reading “WEAVING”