Looking out of my window the other morning I was taken aback at the beauty of what I saw. At first I wasn’t sure whether it was a very heavy frost, or a light fall of snow, but it was utterly breathtaking. It was a heavy frost, everything was so very white and glistening –Continue reading “FROST”


Happy New Year to all! A new start, a chance to re-visit wishes, dreams, plans and things ‘put on hold’. Now is a good time to take charge and put in motion things left for ‘when I have time’, ‘one day I’ll do..’ and the ‘maybe next year’ things. There really is no time likeContinue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR !”


As we prepare to say goodbye to this old year and welcome the new, let’s just take some time to reflect and consider before we move on. It’s natural, given the year we have had, that we should feel a little apprehensive about the coming year, but we humans are pretty special and, on theContinue reading “LET IT SHINE”


What a title, it covers so many forms. One immediately thinks of paintings, sketches, drawings but, of course, it encompasses so much more. Music, dancing, writing, poetry, rhyme, storytelling, sculpture, carving, cooking, the list goes on! Art is expression, whether self, group, community or culture, it is an outlet, a source of communication. Art isContinue reading “Art”


The mists that descend during the month of November can seem reminiscent of life. Not clear, difficult to navigate at times, but with bright spots that can be breathtakingly beautiful. When life’s mists descend is when we can often find our strengths. It is when we are challenged to find our way, and we oftenContinue reading “NOVEMBER MISTS”


I have often heard people say ‘Don’t look back, yesterday has gone. Look forward to the future.’ Sensible advice, but I think you should look back now and then. Obviously the future is what is important, but the past is full of memories – good and bad – and lessons learnt (or not!). My pastContinue reading “LOOKING BACK”


Nature has been giving us signs that things need to change for so long. Melting ice-caps and icebergs, flooding, climate changes, freak weather conditions to name but a few. Some of us woke up to the fact, but not enough of us. All actions have consequences, both good and bad. Our actions don’t just haveContinue reading “CHANGE”


People all over the world have been wearing masks since the first sort of records began, namely, Rock Art. In several countries, once they began drawing human forms, sometimes portrayed them in what appears to be masks. Some animals have what looks like eye-masks in their facial fur, birds and reptiles too. We generally associateContinue reading “MASKS”


It occurs to me just how like a game of Scrabble life is! We get given a certain amount of – let’s say ’tiles’ – and have to make of it what we can. As in Scrabble, our tiles change. We use what we have and make the most of it, to the best ofContinue reading “SCRABBLE/LIFE”


Where do thoughts come from? Yes, the mind/head, but how do they get there? When I think, it is a voice in my head, my inner voice, telling me things, but what is that? I wonder if it is me, subconsciously thinking a few minutes ahead of myself. Who-else could it be? Thoughts can alsoContinue reading “THOUGHTS”