Just for Today I Will Live The Attitude of Gratitude Just for Today I Will Not Worry Just for Today I Will Not Anger Just for Today I Will Do My Work Honestly Just for Today I Will Show Love and Respect to Every Living Thing.


Shinrin-Yoku is the Japanese art of forest bathing. It originated in Japan in the 1980’s, but has its roots in ancient times. Forest bathing is not swimming in pools or waterfalls in the forest (although this can be part of the experience I suppose), but means immersing yourself and all your senses in the forestContinue reading “SHINRIN-YOKU”


As we gradually emerge from lock-down and are able to get together again, I am sure that one of the most enjoyable things will be that we are able to touch one another again. We can hug, hold, just physically connect after so very long. As a Reiki practitioner I feel, and have been toldContinue reading “HEALING HANDS”

Be Self-ish

Not to be confused with selfish, being ‘self-ish’, means being aware of your self and your needs, and keeping balance between healthy body and mind, in order to be of use to others. We must make time not only to treat ourselves, but allow time just to be ourselves, to re-energise and contemplate on theContinue reading “Be Self-ish”


Sadly, the weather was so bad that I could not watch the sunrise on 21st June. How different from a few days before when I saw beautiful rose-gold sunrises. The heavy rain and winds made the longest day seem even longer, but I am hoping all the rain will result in lovely fruit from myContinue reading “STRAWBERRY MOON”


I was fascinated, some years ago, when I heard that each planet ‘sings’. They all have a vibration unique to themselves, as do we. Stars do too and space itself ‘hums’. It brought to mind a metal humming top I had as a child. The tone of the hum changed as it slowed down orContinue reading “VIBRATIONS”


What a season! Thinking of all we have to look forward to (even if it is only on the T.V.) is exciting. Something for everyone, as they say. Festivals, country shows, football, cricket, tennis and more. All competing against each other, yet coming together to provide not just entertainment but enthusiasm and happiness to others.Continue reading “THE BLISS OF SUMMER”


How lovely the last couple of days have been after such a mardy May. The 1st June (by the way, lucky month to you all) holds much promise judging by what I woke up to this morning. Flowers and shrubs seemed to have bloomed, popping in full colour, over night. Summer is on its way!Continue reading “HERE COMES SUMMER!”


This is something we are all aware of – or are we? We know it’s pretty and cute, sometimes harsh and dangerous, but are we really aware of just how important it is to our very existence. You wouldn’t think so by the way we abuse or ignore it. Nature has inspired us from theContinue reading “NATURE”


This is a sense we have all been missing recently. Not being able to touch those we love and care about has been hard, but now there is the promise of it coming to an end! Slowly (and safely) we will be able to re-unite and hold those we have been missing, but don’t viewContinue reading “TOUCH”