It occurs to me just how like a game of Scrabble life is! We get given a certain amount of – let’s say ’tiles’ – and have to make of it what we can. As in Scrabble, our tiles change. We use what we have and make the most of it, to the best ofContinue reading “SCRABBLE/LIFE”


Where do thoughts come from? Yes, the mind/head, but how do they get there? When I think, it is a voice in my head, my inner voice, telling me things, but what is that? I wonder if it is me, subconsciously thinking a few minutes ahead of myself. Who-else could it be? Thoughts can alsoContinue reading “THOUGHTS”


I had a lovely one at the beginning of this month. My youngest daughter sent me these beautiful flowers. The reason? A package had been delivered a few days before, addressed to me, but it turned out to be for my eldest daughter. I was saying later that day how excited I had felt onContinue reading “SURPRISES”


A time for change. Yes, it gets colder and darker, but not all is doom and gloom! Autumn brings with it an amazing colour palette that is breathtaking and not just en masse. A single splash that pops up amidst a tangly overgrowth can be just as awesome. It is an important time for natureContinue reading “AUTUMN”


  Who doesn’t love a story? I can remember being spellbound listening to them when I was young. Storytelling is something we all have within us, but there are those who make it an art and have the ability to ‘fly’ with it. Stories, whether fact or fiction, read or told, are a way ofContinue reading “STORYTELLERS”


This has been made so apparent since Covid 19 appeared. At first we had difficulties in getting a delivery slot from any supermarket. Many would not deliver to us as we were out of their catchment area and those that we were within had no foreseeable slots available.  Then we received a ‘What’s App’ fromContinue reading “NOT ALL ANGELS HAVE WINGS”


‘Just for Today I Will Live The Attitude of Gratitiude’ – the first Reiki Principle. Most people show gratitude almost daily in their lives, but it has become more apparent nationally, even globally, since the Covid 19 pandemic. Our gratitude to the NHS and all front-line workers risking their own safety for the masses. CarContinue reading “THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE”


As a Reiki Master I have really missed giving ‘hands on’ treatments in these testing times. I know that many Practitioners have started treating again, but it will be some time before I can ‘get back out there’, due to my husband’s medical condition. I really can’t risk bringing anything back into the home afterContinue reading “REIKI TREATMENTS IN DIFFICULT TIMES”