This is not to say that you should be ‘on the go’ every minute of your existence – just don’t waste a minute, be mindful of the time and of your time. Even relaxing, doing nothing counts. This is really not a minute wasted. At that moment your mind and body are making the mostContinue reading “MAKE EVERY MINUTE COUNT”

2022 !

Casting my mind back to this time last year, 2021, I remember feeling excited about starting a brand, spanking new year. Planning all the things I hoped to do and new things to try. Many of them I did achieve, some – not so much – but they are being brought forward to do thisContinue reading “2022 !”


Anticipation – a feeling of excitement of something to come. I imagine most of us have felt this at sometime. Often the anticipation of something happening can be more exciting than the actual event. The feeling of excitement and wonder of what lies ahead when getting ready for a holiday, a new job, your firstContinue reading “ANTICIPATION”


Harvest – to collect, to gather in, to provide, to store. This is a wonderful, busy time of year (providing all has been well weather- wise!). When all is ‘safely gathered in’ the time for farmers and their helpers to be able to relax and celebrate begins in the form of Harvest Suppers, barn dancesContinue reading “HARVEST”


I find it interesting how Dr. Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki as Natural Healing) used the phrase ‘Just For Today’ at the beginning of each Principle when forming the five Reiki Principles. His insight to long-term human commitment seems, to me, spot on! When we make a New Year Resolution, for example, how many ofContinue reading “PRINCIPLES”


This is something we would all benefit from doing, but how many of us actually do it? I’m not talking about stopping whatever it is we are doing at a certain moment and doing something-else or ‘vegging out’, I mean stopping and actually taking a moment. Now before you say you never have the time,Continue reading “TAKING A MOMENT”


There are so many things to love about Autumn. The colours (obviously), the smell of wood-smoke, the anticipation of Harvest and other festivals held around this time of year. I love to watch the business of nature in this season, all the wildlife preparing for winter. Squirrels in particular always make me smile – rushingContinue reading “AWESOME AUTUMN”


We are defined by many things. Our looks, our attitudes, our appearances, our life-styles, our education, our views, it goes on! I believe we can choose from the things that define us to portray the best definition of ourselves. We all have ‘good points’ and emphasizing these will form what we think to be theContinue reading “DEFINITION”


I believe this to be true. I believe we are all here for a reason, each of us have a part to play. Maybe to shine and achieve as individuals, or by making up a whole. Everyone of us can make a difference in our own way. Hard to believe I know, but believing thatContinue reading “NEVER FORGET WE ARE PART OF THE NATURAL SCHEME OF THINGS.”


It is said that history repeats itself. Perhaps it does, but I believe that with each repetition comes a choice. As we recognise whatever is being repeated, maybe we should think about the outcome of that event. This is where ‘choice’ comes into play. If the outcome was beneficial, then let us repeat the responseContinue reading “REPETITION AND CHOICE”