Be Self-ish

Not to be confused with selfish, being ‘self-ish’, means being aware of your self and your needs, and keeping balance between healthy body and mind, in order to be of use to others. We must make time not only to treat ourselves, but allow time just to be ourselves, to re-energise and contemplate on theContinue reading “Be Self-ish”


Balance is found throughout nature and it is important that we balance things in our lives. If things are ‘off kilter’ it can affect not only our moods, but our health too. In Reiki we work to restore natural balance when things have tilted too much. This can happen when mind, body and spirit areContinue reading “BALANCE”


When people mention that they have various aches and pains, I suggest they try a Reiki treatment. A response I often get to this is ‘oh, it won’t work for me – I don’t believe in it’. As I have said in my previous post, ‘Reiki Treatments in Difficult Times’, Reiki is not a beliefContinue reading “A REIKI TREATMENT”


‘Just for Today I Will Live The Attitude of Gratitiude’ – the first Reiki Principle. Most people show gratitude almost daily in their lives, but it has become more apparent nationally, even globally, since the Covid 19 pandemic. Our gratitude to the NHS and all front-line workers risking their own safety for the masses. CarContinue reading “THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE”


As a Reiki Master I have really missed giving ‘hands on’ treatments in these testing times. I know that many Practitioners have started treating again, but it will be some time before I can ‘get back out there’, due to my husband’s medical condition. I really can’t risk bringing anything back into the home afterContinue reading “REIKI TREATMENTS IN DIFFICULT TIMES”