Where do thoughts come from? Yes, the mind/head, but how do they get there? When I think, it is a voice in my head, my inner voice, telling me things, but what is that? I wonder if it is me, subconsciously thinking a few minutes ahead of myself. Who-else could it be? Thoughts can alsoContinue reading “THOUGHTS”


A time for change. Yes, it gets colder and darker, but not all is doom and gloom! Autumn brings with it an amazing colour palette that is breathtaking and not just en masse. A single splash that pops up amidst a tangly overgrowth can be just as awesome. It is an important time for natureContinue reading “AUTUMN”


  Who doesn’t love a story? I can remember being spellbound listening to them when I was young. Storytelling is something we all have within us, but there are those who make it an art and have the ability to ‘fly’ with it. Stories, whether fact or fiction, read or told, are a way ofContinue reading “STORYTELLERS”