I find it interesting how Dr. Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki as Natural Healing) used the phrase ‘Just For Today’ at the beginning of each Principle when forming the five Reiki Principles. His insight to long-term human commitment seems, to me, spot on! When we make a New Year Resolution, for example, how many of us give up on it after a few weeks, even days in some cases. ‘Just For Today’ is do-able. Whatever it is that we are thinking of taking on, baby steps are less daunting than a long haul. We can be put off from the get-go if the thing seems never-ending, or monumental. Yet it is amazing how ‘Just For Today’ becomes everyday quite easily.

Take the third Reiki Principle for instance:-

‘Just For Today I will Not Anger’

I find it hard to believe that none of us feel anger at some point in a day, whether by small instances, or bigger issues. I know that at some point in the past, some-one, or something would rub me up the wrong way and cause a flare! Since living by the five Reiki Principles as much as I can I have found that this happens less and less. BUT, I am only human so I can’t say it now never does, I can say it happens considerably less often now.

Living by Principles (I am reluctant to say ‘rules’ as it sounds too regimental and off-putting to me) is a good habit to adopt. It forms a guideline on which to base our lives, a routine (if you like) to follow and a good basis for our interaction with, and consideration to, others.

A principle is a fundamental truth that serves as a foundation. What better way to live our lives than in truth – on whatever level, or every level? ‘Just For Today’ give it a go – you may find it opens up an easier and happier way to live your life and co-exist with others.


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